Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn



Is your home or office still suffering from the aftermath of fire? The smoke and soot left after the fire can cause significant damage to your belongings leaving a terrible smell to linger behind. So, when it comes to dealing with fire damage restoration in Brooklyn, call Strictly Restoration; the best in the business.

We understand how the awful smell of fire can disrupt your home or office. At strictly cleaning, we prioritize your restoration needs, after all the danger still will have not passed even after the fire has been put out. Call us for all your fire damage restoration needs.


About fire damage restoration in Brooklyn

Inspection and Evaluation:

In any fire damage situation, it is necessary to analyze and assess the building materials and contents that are being affected by soot and the smoke. Then only we develop specific cleaning and restoration procedure. Strictly Restoration employs trained personnel and special equipment that can evaluate the fire damage and can identify all the problem areas that need immediate attention.

Clean smoke Damage:

The damage caused by the fire is only superficial. The aftermath of the fire also causes a lot of damage. The smoke after the fire damages all sorts of structures and leaves a lingering smell. Our crew is equipped with dealing with all of these problems left by the smoke.

Soot Damage Cleanup:


Soot is basically the black residue you see after any fire. Cleaning that up is imperative for a successful restoration.


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