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Cleanliness adds up to the healthy lifestyle along with comfort and style. Your carpet can be an accessory of your room and may increase the appeal to, but is it really clean? – Germs free?

Houses are for us to live but if the carpets are dirty, numerous pests and bugs also find their preferred habitat. To live a healthy and prosperous life, home carpet cleaning is equally important as anything else.

With children and pets around, your house cleaning frequency needs to be increased. Staying aware about the cleanliness of your carpet is much more important to health of your children as it is to yours.

We are one of the most renowned carpet cleaning contractors in Brooklyn NY. Our specialty is that we understand and take care of even the minor detail while providing our service to avoid inconvenience.


Is home carpet cleaning just for dust and germs?

A surprising fact: Most of the people still think that carpet cleaning means just cleaning dust from their carpet, setting aside the aspect of germs and probable bugs. Yet there is more to that.

Cleaning your carpet is important to maintain the health of your carpet as well. How?

As dust and debris get collected in your carpet. Every time you step on the rug, these rub against the fiber of your carpet to cause damage. This will eventually result in color fading if not bulk or texture loss.

Depending upon fiber used on the carpet, they can get stained by a wide variety of materials. Even accidently spilled water can cause your carpet to possess an ugly stain. We provide our cleaning services to restore the looks and feel of your home carpet whether it is made of nylon, olefin, polyester, triexta, or wool.


Popular methods used for home carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet cleaning methods varies according to the type material used in the carpet. We at strictly cleaning understand whether shampooing, foam cleaning or other methods are best for your carpet at home.
  • If appropriate type of cleaning method is not used, it never ensures the maximum effect. To deodorize and retain the color and texture, it is essential that your carpet cleaning contractor first analyses the purpose of cleaning and then decides which cleaning method should be used.
  • Some popular methods for cleaning carpet are shampooing, foam cleaning, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning. Each of these has their own specialty, positive and negative effects on your home carpet too.


We at strictly cleaning and restoration have the required skill and experience to ensure that your carpet is clean and that you will be satisfied with our services.


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Give us a call at (347) 672-7860 or fill our easy online form to book us for your carpet cleaning. We guarantee to make your carpet like new, whether you use it at living room, hall or any other place of your home.

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