Soot Damage Cleanup in Brooklyn, NY


soot damage cleanup ny

Soot is the black residue that you see after fire. Since it is acidic in nature, it will corrode the surface of your wall and leave marks. Cleaning it up is imperative to make your room look beautiful.

Soot, not only degrades the aesthetic of your house, but also is very harmful for you, your kids and your pets. If you can clean it yourself, it’s good and fine. But if you can’t, immediately call Strictly Cleaning Restoration in Brooklyn, NY for soot damage cleanup.

Our cleaning and restoration process begins with our experts asserting the type of fire it was and what kind of soot it left behind. Depending on its type, our trained professionals will clean the soot using appropriate chemicals, equipments and machinery. Cleaning soot is a lengthy and complex process. So, why not call experts than doing it yourself?


Why choose us for soot damage cleanup?

  • We are the best in the business.
  • Our trained staff of experts does an excellent job of meeting your expectations.
  • We operate 24/7 in New York. Just give us a call and we will reach you anytime, anyplace.
  • We understand how important your home or office is to you and do our best to restore it back to the way it was.
  • We know the proper techniques when it comes to dealing with all sorts of soot and smoke residue cleaning.
  • We offer great service at the most affordable rates.


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