Structural Drying

Water, like fire, can be the best friend or the worst enemy. Water, in excess, carries the potential to destroy everything including your building. Any nominal signs of water leakage should not be ignored rather you should contact our expert team for structural drying. Our team of Strictly Cleaning Restoration is experienced in performing structural drying. We are insured and licensed along with being a member of IICRC for your convenience. If you require our services, we are available 24/7. You can conveniently reach us at (347) 672-7860 or book us through our online form.

Structural Drying Process

Extraction of water is the first thing we focus on as the water in liquid state tends to flow to the lower grounds and may reach you foundation to cause further trouble. You need not engage your worries as we are skilled to solve the water related problems on your foundation level as well. We use the appropriate tools for this purpose. The second stage involves evaporation of water by the use of fast air moving professional tools to increase the moisture in the air. The final two stages are dehumidification and temperature control to make sure that your structures are safe from other water related damages. We perform thorough inspection of crawl spaces for water at the foundation or other infrastructure of the house to ensure maximum security.

Superiority of Structural Drying:

The technology we use is highly scientific and the tools that we use are approved by water damage company authorities to be of standards. We use materials depending upon the size of area to be covered and the categories of water. (Category of water refers to the cleanliness or usability of water.) Letting water dry on itself will obviously take more time than applying the technological structural drying. This may further impact infrastructures of your building or your possessions in them. Hiring our services will certainly save time as well as be convenient for you. Apart from the time, we also help you to maintain healthy environment at your home or office. Our services will prevent unwanted moisture to facilitate in growth of mold. Also, we can help you to save money by preventing the structural replacement which might be required in near future.

Contact us:

If your insurance does not cover our services for Structural Drying, for your convenience we have EZ Payment plan which will help you on financial decision making. For more information or to book our service CALL (347) 672-7860