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With over a decade’s worth of experience handling both minor and major water damage cleanup and mold removal tasks, we at Strictly Cleaning Restoration are proud to offer top-tier water damage services in Greenpoint. As a fully insured and licensed water removal company, we consistently prioritize our clients’ satisfaction. Our membership with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) sets us apart from other water damage restoration companies. Reach out to us anytime, 24/7, for immediate assistance with water damage or mold removal.

Our Unique Approach to Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal in Greenpoint

water removal Greenpoint nyOur team of highly trained professionals caters to a diverse range of clients in Greenpoint and New York City, including churches, hotels, resorts, medical facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, businesses, manufacturing companies, and transportation providers. We differentiate ourselves from other water damage cleanup companies through our use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, enabling us to restore your property to its original state as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Strictly Cleaning Restoration Is Your Greenpoint Water and Flood Damage Cleanup Experts

Strictly Cleaning Restoration Services: Greenpoint’s Leading Choice for Mold Removal

water damage cleanup Greenpoint ny

As Greenpoint’s most trusted mold removal service provider, we at Strictly Cleaning Restoration Services are dedicated to delivering superior mold remediation services. We implement comprehensive mold remediation procedures to eliminate mold from carpets, furniture, drywall, upholstery, and other areas prone to mold growth.

Our services have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, Inc. (IICRC), a non-profit organization that sets standards for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries. Additionally, since 2016, we’ve been licensed by the New York State (NYS) Department of Labor, a requirement for all mold remediation companies in New York.

In-depth Mold Testing and Inspection Services

Mold Removal Greenpoint nyDuring the mold inspection and testing process, our technicians examine areas in your home such as the attic, crawlspace, and basement for potential mold damage. We also detect, measure, and monitor hidden moisture and mold in Greenpoint, NY, to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. Upon completing the mold detection and assessment, we commence the mold damage cleanup process.

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Strictly Cleaning Restoration: Your One-Stop-Shop for Mold Removal and Cleanup

Mold Cleanup Greenpoint ny

We take pride in being a premier mold remediation company upholding the highest standards of cleanliness. In handling mold damage cleanup and removal, we focus on quickly and effectively cleaning areas affected by mold to avoid further damage. Whether you want to schedule an appointment or need immediate assistance, our 24-hour hotline is always available for you to speak with an experienced mold removal specialist.

We specialize in identifying and removing all types of mold damage in your property, including attic and basement mold damage. Our mold removal experts act promptly, understanding that untreated mold can worsen over time, spreading throughout your property and potentially triggering asthma or allergies.

Water damage often leads to mold growth, especially in basements which tend to be cooler and darker. Therefore, we offer comprehensive water damage services, including water damage restoration and basement mold cleanup.

water damage repair Greenpoint ny

Our approach to mold cleanup and removal always involves identifying the source of the mold and undertaking necessary repairs to prevent further growth. Our team uses safe, eco-friendly mold treatment products to remove mold from various surfaces like carpets, upholstery, furniture, and drywall. Whether it’s small mold spots or an extensive black mold removal task, we guarantee the efficacy of our mold cleaning services. If you suspect a toxic black mold infestation in Greenpoint, NY, contact us immediately to prevent its spread and ensure your safety.

Choose Strictly Cleaning Restoration for All Your Mold Removal and Cleanup Needs in Greenpoint

Whether you’re dealing with a leaking, frozen, or burst pipe, sink or toilet overflow, malfunctioning water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine, severe flooding from storms, or mold damage, our experienced team can clean the area and mitigate the damage effectively.

Unlike many other cleaning and restoration companies in Greenpoint, we continuously participate in seminars, courses, and training sessions to enhance our skills and provide the best services to our clients.

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We are a Greenpoint-based water damage company dedicated to helping clients with their water damage issues, including broken or frozen pipe water damage, basement flooding, and more. If you’re experiencing water damage in Greenpoint or your home has been affected by flood damage, contact us today for a cost-free, no-obligation quote on how we can help you restore your property.

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