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Whether you have a leaky, frozen or broken pipe, a sink or toilet overflow, a malfunctioning water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine, or serious flooding from storms and wind, our highly experienced team can clean the area and mitigate the damage. Whatever be the cause of flooding, Strictly Water Damage Restoration in Prospect Heights can do the repair. We’re a locally owned and operated business serving Prospect Heights and we work with attention to detail on every job. No matter how small the leakage is inside walls and floors, it can become a place where mold and mildew can grow. This may make the indoor air unhealthy and should be cleaned by professionals. You can trust us to take care of your home or business and make it safe again. With our 10 years of experience in cleaning homes and businesses with major and minor flood damage, we can offer the best water damage restoration in Prospect Heights at very affordable rates. We are open 24/7 to help if you have an emergency water problem. Call today to have your flood damage removed.

What Makes Us The Best At Handling Prospect Heights Water Damage?

We are a fully insured and licensed agency in Prospect Heights operating for over a decade. Most important, we are member of IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) which differentiates us from other restoration agencies. Unlike most of the cleaning and restoration companies in Prospect Heights, we actively participate in seminars, courses and training that are conducted to upgrade our skills and ultimately offer the best service. Our potential to serve both residential and commercial clients in Prospect Heights such as churches, hotels, resorts, medical facilities, hospitals along with educational institutions, business and manufacturing companies, and transportation providers differentiates from other mediocre cleaning company. Our water cleanup team is highly skilled and experienced in using cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to bring your home or office back to the original, intended use as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. To make our service even more affordable, we have senior citizen discount scheme and easy payment plan. Refer us a customer and you will walk with our referral discount.

Strictly Restoration Are Your Prospect Heights Water and Flood Damage Cleanup Experts

Frozen, Burst, & Broken Pipe

Winter can be the most devastating time of year for water damage. When temperatures drop well below freezing pipes will often freeze and expand until they burst. Homes that are left vacant with no regulating of heat or poorly insulated walls can be a common culprit of frozen water pipes and frozen water lines in the winter time. Broken pipes are a common cause of water damage. A pipe burst in your attic can cause gallons of water to come rushing down into your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms. A broken or frozen pipe burst in a basement can often go unnoticed. Sprinkler pipe burst often go unnoticed until the water comes rushing through the window wells and walls.
If you discover a pipe burst in your home, contact us right away and we will get your water damage repaired immediately.

Our Services

Structural Drying:

Water Damage Prospect Heights NYEven after the visible water is extracted, building materials and some walls still mat contain some amount of moisture. Our experts will make sure that all the structures affected by the moisture are dried and that basements, attics and craw.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Water Removal Prospect Heights NYRemoving the excess moisture from any water damaged area is the first step of the water restoration process.

Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Cleanup Prospect Heights NYWe provide water cleanup and removal and also handle the repairs.

Water Damage Inspection and Evaluation:

With any water damage in Prospect Heights, it is necessary to analyze and assess the building materials and contents that are being affected by the moisture and then only we develop specific water removal and cleanup process. Our Prospect Heights Water Damage Cleanup specialists employ trained personnel and special equipment that can evaluate flood damage and can identify all the problem areas that are retaining the moisture. Most often during a water loss situation, there are more materials that are wet than appear to be. Even if you feel the flood damage is small or isolated, it should be evaluated by a flood damage restoration professional. Our water damage Prospect Heights NY team is ready to help you with all your damage needs.

Basement Water Damage Cleanup

Flooded basements and crawlspaces present more challenges. Hidden moisture can lead to mold and mildew that can pervade and ruin stored contents and valuables. We will detect and remove the water in your basement quickly and completely. Do not wait to call if you have basement water damage.

Wet Carpet & Hardwood Floor Drying Service

If your carpets and rugs are affected by the flood damage, without a doubt it will have absorbed a lot of moisture. We have the proper equipment to extract that moisture from your wet carpets and hardwood floors.

Prospect Heights Sewage Damage Cleanup & Removal

Sewage Cleanup Prospect Heights NYStrictly Restoration prides itself on helping treat your sewage damage as quickly and efficiently as possible. We act quickly and promptly with sewage removal and repair leakage to prevent further damage and contamination using state of the art machinery and equipment. It is critical that all of the infected areas are treated immediately, whether it be floorboards, carpets, walls or furniture. Anything that has been contaminated by sewage damage requires immediate attention to prevent the spread of bio-contaminants including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. In order to provide immediate service, we are available 24 hours a day, so that we can deploy our expert technician to assist you with sewage cleanup. Just give us a call, and our sewage removal experts will reach you within no time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Terms And Condition

Strictly Cleaning Restoration has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 100% guarantee that their mold remediation process will ensure mold is fully cleaned to inspection standards of an independent testing company, will be done at the property owners expense, air sample and clearance testing most be completed within 48 hours of completion of remediation. If an air quality test result in a positive reading Strictly Cleaning Restoration will return at no cost to the owner and correct any areas that need to be treated. As long as the positive reading is not a result of a new water seepage or underlining issue not disclosed prior. After 48 hours of mold remediation Strictly Cleaning Restoration will not be held responsible. Strictly Cleaning Restoration Services is a certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, Inc. (IICRC) to perform mold remediation and other building cleaning remedies. The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization which oversees the inspection. Cleaning and restoration industries. Strictly Cleaning Restoration Services is licensed in NYS (New York State) Department of Labor since 2016. NYS Department of Labor Licenses has been newly established License which is requirement for all mold remediation companies in the New York.

Contact Strictly for Water Cleanup in Prospect Heights NY

We are a Prospect Heights water damage company helping customers with their broken and frozen pipe water damage, flooded basement and much more. If you are experiencing water damage in Prospect Heights or have flood damage to your home, call us today for a no cost, no obligation quote on how we can help you get back to normal. Dial 347-672-7860 or email us at jhidalgo@strictlyrestoration.com.

More About Prospect Heights NY

Prospect Heights is relatively small and is notable for its cultural diversity as well as its tree-lined streets. Prospect Heights has seen rapid demographic changes over the last decade, and its shifts are exemplified by a mixture of older buildings under reconstruction, rows of classic 1890s brownstones, and newly built luxury condominiums.

Today, Prospect Heights is home to attractions such as Barclays Center.

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